The complicated relationship of people with their celebrities.

Apurva Ingale
3 min readSep 21, 2020

For as long as I can remember, My friends, siblings telling me that a certain person is their idol. Present days, we all ‘Follow’ people on social media. I m trying to keep an open mind here, So I say, 50% in that is celebrities! Is it wrong? No. We should see and understand what do they differently? Most of the times we all live in the grey area. Meaning, people aren’t fundamentally wrong, but we opt wrong means to meet ends. We don’t know when the line is crossed. We don’t know when actions went beyond repair. Relatable? Now why do you think these celebrities are any different? They also survive on same things as we do. They are created in the same way. Am I saying they are wrong? No! Am I saying they’re lying? No! But, you are stupid if you believe them.

A lot of people raise issues on hate speech, Negative comments. Admit it. We all have written negative comments or got into an E — Quarrel. Hating someone or defending someone. Why? Because we think we know this person. We see their homes, family, and major changes in their lives. We even shame them when they don’t announce things about their lives. So you see we develop a sort of relationship with these public personalities. They also respond to it. This is great. We feel a sense of closeness. The real problem arises when in certain situations we see them for who they are. Human Beings. Yes. That’s right. We feed their ego with our love and attention like they are more evolved than us. The basic point is, We all are enslaved by our desires and fears. The famous fitness influencer we follow, doesn’t really have six pack abs all the time, but its an an edited body. Or a speaker of inner peace is shouting at people with lower social status than him or her. Now, we start calling them all the things we can, hiding behind our screens. I don’t say they should do that. I’m only saying, do not emotionally invest yourself. You have people you can physically meet and befriend them. There is no camera that goes off, You will see and understand them in all situations. A normal person has many layers, an intellectual one might have unfolded half of them. Logically we cannot know anyone until lived together for a substantial time.

Another important thing is, a threshold potential of a human being is not defined to this day. So literally there is no limit on what you can do with life you have. There are millions of people who have done extra- ordinary things and continue doing it. Why do you want to limit yourself to an icon or another being. People joked about walking on water, until Yogis did it. We believed an atom is smallest particle, until someone opened it. So if the goal is to become another person, what is it that you are aiming for?A Photo copy. Noone needs to be that. The fundamental creator has given different thinking capacities. Different qualities, An X factor as we call it. Which is unique to each and every individual. So explore it, instead of following someone. The true realization comes when we start seeing people for who they are instead of who we want them to be.