Apurva Ingale
4 min readSep 29, 2020



According to me, the most asked and unanswered question of all is, WHY. Yes. You might be surprised to know that a ‘why’ usually gives an 'uncomfortable' and 'mind your own business' vibe. And I have to say this, I ask 'why' for most of the situations. I always seek an answer to it. Just so you know, I hate when someone asks me why. To dissect and deal with my hypocrisy I am writing this article.

As a child, when I said I wanted to be a police officer, my teachers asked me why. When I joined an Finance professional course the mentors asked why. Can I be honest here? I hated them. "Why means what! It pays well. It has a certain wow factor associated with it". If that's what this is about then why not a doctor? Pilot? Lots of career choices. I didn't know what to say. I used to smile and be quiet till they would go to the next person.

I think as a person, we all need to be asking and answering a lot of Why in our lives. So I sat one day, and figured out, that finance intrigued me, The subject has fascinated me beyond my own understanding. That's why. When I don't understand it, the curiosity to find out is what I seek. And when it clicks that happiness is known to those who have experienced it.

Now, so why did I start writing? It's like writing has always been part of my life. In a diary or a journal. I might have so many papers in the cupboard I have written essays because I wanted to. But phones have taken up a lot of time. If I come to think about it, a lot of things I feel like writing about, when I take a paper to write, I have no words. With passing years, it's becoming more and more distant to me. Before writing this, I made a mess with the article, deleted the whole thing and rewrote this. I feel like I'm losing the ease with which I wrote. When my sister opened up a blog and was writing, seeing my excessive involvement in her ideas, she suggested that I write too. Initially I resisted a lot but then the lost idea seemed plausible again, like there is a chance after all.

I feel, the thoughts are art, they're raw, beautiful and boundless. But when we convert them into conversations, There are clashes or different points of view, it's like we are attaching a price to art. It isn't wrong, but it's not pure as it was. So when we go deep into our minds, we go with the flow and write as if words come looking to extract the right meaning from thoughts. There's a chance that thoughts can reach a person in the intended way. In another corner of the world, someone might think like me and feel out of place, I do feel it a lot of times. Then I felt maybe we can be friends if we have a similar perspective. Why just that? We can be friends with people who disagree with us, yet agree to respect one's opinion. My neighbor who hates my face might find my article relatable and think that she is writing to a stranger. Point being, we mostly judge people without knowing them, this might be a platform to understand each other in a constructive way. Thanks to technology, we can connect with the whole world. That's one of my primary goals, to connect to people. To connect as many beautiful minds as I can. To make friends.

If you ask this is why you are writing! Maybe Yes. This makes a lot of sense to me. Right now, I can only gather so many words from the thoughts.. After a few years, I might gain a better perspective of things, I might get to the part where I understand why blog particularly! Like I said, I'm still learning to get into uncomfortable zones of my own mind. More clarity, the more you hold on to what you're doing. It's your own GPS to get to the truth of all the questions. That level of clarity has an advantage over the entire world. I have seen a small part of it, I know how it can make most things work out in the best possible way.

Dear Readers, this might not be your concern to know why I'm writing this, but you should be concerned about why you are doing things that you do. Why you want to do certain things in future and have done in the past as well. I'm not telling you to overthink here, but maybe just, wait for that why. It might do wonders. Take some time out to think through your actions. And like I have said, you can always write to me on ingaleapurva9@gmail.com I'm not an expert but I can certainly be a good listener.